4 days in Greece

 The post title is misleading, so let me start by saying that. I was not the one that was in Greece, despite posting about the trip. I lived vicariously through him during his deployment and the images he took were so incredible.  Being a "military family" certainly has it's ups and downs, like any other family, but the dreaded deployment was one that happened a few years back for us.  Like most families who have a loved one serving in a branch of the US military, deployment is inevitable, just as it was for us. I never thought I would have to endure military life but I happened to fall in love with an incredible man who had a strong desire and sense of duty to serve his country. Being a military spouse, a label that is placed on those, encompasses a lot more than you could think, despite being told how hard it would be.  Being able to travel is one of the best upsides to the long, painful and lonely days and nights away from everything you know during deployment.  For us, the tentative date/year was looming in our distant future for as long as Nick and I had been together.  Nick was able to take advantage of the 8-month deployment by looking forward to days in port amid amazing countries beyond the ship. Here were some of his shots from his time in Greece. 

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