a glimpse of girl time

Shannon Alexander captured our growing family on April 2, 2014 for a surprise for Nick who was deployed and missing his girls. Well, 4 hours and over 400 images later, Shannon quickly became part of our morning that was complete with everything Kalea loves...hmm, makeup, jewelry, dress-up, tooth brushing, play time and snack time. We had ourselves a dance party, rocked on the rocking horse, did tummy time with Atalia and got to simply be as he took it all in through his lense and made memories and photographs that will last a lifetime. I didn't have internet at the house we were renting during Nick's deployment but I had to add them once Nick returned to the states and we reunited. Here they are and Shannon's blog has more images as well. Depending on the day and mood I'm in, I love all of them and it's hard to decide on which ones I want to add. Thanks again Shannon for giving us so much more than a lifestyle shoot. You gave us time that stands still in each of these pictures. Kalea and Atalia had a good time watching the guy with the clicky thing and I was able to be present with them instead of being the one taking the pictures. Nick got to see his girls. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of his gift. 

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