DIY project #1: man cave

Since moving into our very first home as homeowners we I have made a honeydew list of things that I would love to update in order to make the house more home-ey. My Interior Designer brain is on overdrive and it's super exciting to know that for the very first time of living in a place, all of the sweat and tears will actually increase the value of our home now that we aren't renting. There are just so many possibilities and the first room we tackled was the additional room off of the living room. 

Nick has wanted a place to house his figures and comics so this was a perfect room to designate as the "man cave". The hunter/army green walls weren't terrible but they were a bit dirty, scraped and dark so we painted the walls first, making the room seem larger and brighter instantly. If you want to make a huge change without spending a ton of money, PAINT a room and update your other pieces slowly. Painting a room will transform the space for little more than the cost of a gallon of decent paint, blue painter's tape, drop-cloth and brushes. Prep is key and makes it look crisp and clean so make sure you do it and you'll love the end result! 

Here is the original room, french doors open up to the room from the living room and looks out on the backyard from all three windows. It is a bright and sunny space that we spend a ton of time in. The light fixture will be changed out eventually but for now we love the fan aspect, we run hot in the house and the Missouri humidity has been crazy hot this summer so we hang in here a bunch. 

I wasn't sure of anything except the figures and a few other wall decor that Nick had from San Diego Comicon that would be in the room. The other furniture pieces all had to be found so that was the second part of the makeover that I loved! I found the indoor/outdoor rug at Tuesday Morning that was masculine but had a nice print to it for a great price, so this was my first purchase that all of the other pieces worked off of. 

Here is the new room with paint, curtains and a sleeper sofa. 

With three small kids, finding a durable, safe coffee table was key. We had used a leather ottoman for one but we needed one to move easily so I found this industrial-style coffee table that brought wood into the space that wouldn't be dangerous, too dark or too heavy. This lightweight table was rustic and a nice size for the room. 

        The man-cave is our favorite area to hang out and  has a nice easiness to it. I added drapery to the french doors for added texture, color and for a bit of privacy once the doors are closed. They are a bit feminine but I loved the pattern and until we find something else, they work for a nice sheer appearance. Nick has his own space, which, let's be honest, we all need! He chose the paint and I have to say, it's awesome all hours of the day and hosts his metals, photos and figures perfectly. This was a great first project for the house and he's been asking for this place since I can remember!

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